A spacious mezzanine apartment (37 m²) ideal for 2-4 people. Details of the romantic decor inspired by antique times symbolize wisdom, strength and beauty – features that are associated with Greek goddess Athena. The room has a balcony.


Apartment featuring light blue colours of the crystal clear sea water and the blue sky – something what we all think of when fantasizing about our Greek holidays. A glass partition dividing the room in two areas makes this modern apartment ideal for 2-4 people. The room has a Jacuzzi bath and a balcony or terrace.

Two bedroom suite

A spacious mezzanine apartment (37 m²) ideal for 2-4 people. An open plan apartment suitable for 1-4 people features calm natural colours. The décor of the room with its wooden, stone and iron details is inspired by medieval ages and the history of the island. The whole atmosphere of the apartment travels you back in time with charm and elegance. The room has a balcony.